TEI Tutorial

Digital Textedition with TEI

Redaktion: Christof Schöch

The tutorial Digitale Textedition with TEI consists of a series of chapters, which are based on the encoding and editing of text - Guidelines der Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) The tutorial is designed for use in teaching, but can also be used in self-study.

Each chapter deals with a specific aspect of the topic and consists of three elements: firstly, a slide set for an input repository that introduces the most important terms and elements of TEI; Secondly, from one or more task sheets, which serve for the practical training of the learned; And thirdly, from the various materials necessary for processing the tasks, such as digital facsimiles, XML files, and more.

The tutorial includes the following chapters:

  1. Introduction to digital text editing
    Referat-01a (PDF) und Referat-01b (PDF)
  2. What are Markup and XML?
    Referat-02 (PDF)
  3. Basics of text coding with TEI
    Referat-03 (PDF)
    Aufgaben-03 (PDF) - Materialien-03 (ZIP)
  4. The TEI Guidelines, chapters 1-23
    Referat-04 (PDF)
    Aufgaben-04 (PDF) - Materialien-04 (ZIP)
  5. Keep metadata in the teiHeader
    Referat-05 (PDF)
    Aufgaben-05a (PDF) - Materialien-05a (ZIP)
    Aufgaben-05b (PDF) - Materialien-05b (ZIP)
  6. Decoding primary sources
    Referat-06 (PDF)
    Aufgaben-06 (PDF) - Materialien-06 (ZIP)
  7. Decoding the variants
    Referat-07 (PDF)
    Aufgaben-07 (PDF) - Materialien-07 (ZIP)
  8. Document-centric decoding
    Referat-08 (PDF)
    Aufgaben-08 (PDF) - Materialien-08 (ZIP)
  9. Manuscript Description
    Referat-09 (PDF)
    Aufgaben-09 (PDF) - Materialien-09 (ZIP)
  10. Adjust TEI with Roma
    Referat-10 (PDF)
    Aufgaben-10a (PDF) - Materialien-10a (ZIP)
    Aufgaben-10b (PDF) - Materialien-10b (ZIP)
  11. Use of XPath
    Referat-11 (PDF)
    Aufgaben-11a (PDF) - Materialien-11a (ZIP)
    Aufgaben-11b (PDF) - Materialien-11b (ZIP)

The tutorials have been developed within the framework of DARIAH-DE over the last two years and have so far been used in a series of lectures (BA-level university lectures as well as various workshops for young scholars from the humanities).

The tutorial was created by Christof Schöch at the University of Würzburg and, with the support of Mareike Laue, Philip Dürholt, Sina Bock and Keli Du, was released for the first time (version 1.0) in June 2014. The task sheets themselves are written in TEI and are automatically generated to PDF files by using XML Print.

The slides and tasks are based in part on the training materials, which the team "Digital Humanities @ Oxford" for the local school 2012 has developed and published. These have not only been translated, but have also been further developed and supplemented by new topics, tasks and materials. This is possible due to the Creative Commons licensing of the Oxford materials. We are publishing these tutorials with the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY) license to allow further edits.

In addition to the PDF files listed above, the XML files of the task sheets (including the RNG schema) are also available, the ODD as well as the two configuration files for XML-Print) to be downloaded directly from the SVN repository, so that third-party changes can be made to the CC-BY license and PDF files can be generated again.


Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

This tutorial is licensed by a Creative Commons Namensnennung 4.0 International Lizenz.