Nachwuchsförderung - DH-Award

Young researchers

DARIAH-DE contributes to the travel grants for the DHd conferences through the Association „Geistes- und kulturwissenschaftliche Forschungsinfrastrukturen e.V.

DARIAH-DE DH Award Program

The DARIAH-DE Award program ended with project funding in 2019.

In order to create lively research networks, digital humanities need an active and forward-looking promotion of future generations. Until 2018, the DARIAH-DE DH Award from DARIAH-DE supported and encouraged students and young scientists in their research, in particular projects that already worked and conducted interdisciplinary research.

Objectives of the DARIAH-DE DH Award

  1. Visualize new and innovative approaches in Digital Humanities
  2. Presentation of junior work in an interdisciplinary, international environment
  3. National and international communication of the development of digital humanities

In addition to the financial support, the DARIAH-DE DH Award is particularly concerned with the ideal support in the context of a large collaborative project.

Announcement 2018

Award winners of the DARIAH-DE DH-Awards 2017
Announcement 2017

Award winners of the DARIAH-DE DH-Awards 2015

DARIAH-DE Fellowship-program 2014

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