DARIAH-DE as a cooperation partner for arts and cultural studies projects

DARIAH-DE cooperates with human and cultural sciences projects using digital methods and encourages people and institutions to help develop digital research infrastructure on the basis of specific criteria.


Bring in research data

They have themselves created research data on the humanities, and want to use them through DARIAH-DE, e.g. In the DARIAH DE repository? Please contact us.

Publish research results

Would you like to publish research results via (e.g.) DARIAH-DE Working Papers? Please contact us at:

Tools, and services through the DARIAH-DE portal

Would you like to provide your own tools and services? Please contact us.
We provide technical and scientific mentors from DARIAH-DE, who accompany the integration process. Here you can find more information about the individual steps of the integration.
DARIAH has been a reliable partner of the digital humanities for many years and has already managed numerous associated projects. A selection of our project partners can be found here.

Jointly perform events

Do you already work digitally and would like to extend your findings in a method workshop? Or would you like to develop digital methods and discuss them with experts? Contact us at

We assist you with the organization and procedure of workshops / trainings on DH research topics together with DARIAH-DE, provision of training materials on the DARIAH-DE-Portal and development of DH methods and techniques.

Make use of consulting services

DARIAH also provides assistance with the installation and configuration of the various elements of DARIAH, as well as the maintenance of the individual services, the implementation and the hosting.

Any questions? contact us at

Use basic infrastructure

Operational IT services form the basis of development activities in the digital humanities and the digital working and researching humanities and cultural sciences. It is based on the development of higher-quality scientific services and offers of a digital research infrastructure for the humanities and cultural sciences. This includes, for example, comprehensive and central monitoring of services and tools, as well as an authentication and authorization infrastructure that ensures the access and use of offers or research data.

For an overview and further information on DARIAH-DE's operational IT services, please visit: Services. Any questions? Contact us at

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