DARIAH-DE Repository

The DARIAH-DE repository is a central component of the DARIAH-DE research data federation architecture, which aggregates various services and applications and makes them so convenient to use. The repository makes it possible to store research data sustainably and securely, to provide them with metadata, and to find them through the generic search.

You can import your research data DARIAH-DE Publikator.



DARIAH-DE is developing a repository as a digital long-term archive for human and cultural-scientific research data, which is now available in an advanced beta version. Each object described and stored in the DARIAH-DE repository gets a unique and lasting Persistent Identifier (PID), with which it is permanently referenced, cited, and kept available for the long term. In addition, the DARIAH-DE repository enables the sustainable and secure archiving of data collections. This is possible via the web interface of the DARIAH-DE portal in the browser, the DARIAH-DE Publikator.The data included in the DARIAH-DE repository are organized in collections. Such a collection is created from the Publikator and awarded with metadata. A collection can then be assigned to any number of files, which are also uploaded via the GUI and are supplemented with metadata. The data, stored in a memory area, are first only accessible to the individual researcher, where they can be processed - even over a longer period of time - until the collection is released for publication by the researchers. A published collection, as well as all objects contained in it, can be referenced by Persistent Identifier (PID) immediately after publishing. In the next step, which is prepared in the publication process, the collection can be verified in the DARIAH-DE Collection Registry. As soon as a description of the collection has been published in the collection registry, the data can also be searched with the Generic Search of DARIAH-DE.

The current beta version of the DARIAH-DE repository is mainly based on the manual recording of research data in the collection registry via the Publikator. As a result of the further development activities, the future productive version of the repository is to be given the opportunity to allow a "massing" of research data using the already developed APIs.

The DARIAH-DE repository will be available not only to DARIAH-DE associated research projects, but also to individual researchers as well as research projects that want to save their research data persistently, referenceable and long-term archieved and make it available to third parties. The main focus here is the simple and user-oriented access to long-term storage of research data.


For more information on the DARIAH-DE repository and the use of the Publikator, please refer to the public DARIAH-DE Wiki. For technical documentation and API descriptions for each Repository service, refer to the Repository Server documentation page.


Are there still unresolved issues or would you like further information? You can reach us at register@dariah.eu.