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GND-Service (Gemeinsame Normdatei - common standard file)

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek



Standard data facilitate cataloging, provide explicit search entries and the possibility of networking of the different information resources. In the standard data sets of the common standard file GND, not only the preferred names are standardized but, in addition to deviating terms, also contain relations to other standard data sets. In this way, a network of interrelated data sets has been created. It is particularly suitable for use on the web, allows navigation within the standard file and thus improves the search possibilities for users. 

The unambiguous identification and labeling of entities in text data like persons, corporations, location-related information, keywords, congresses, geography and work titles, can be a strategy of annotating. The Common Standard File (GND) is a suitable data pool for such annotations with its approximately ten million data sets: It unites the person name file, the slogan standard file, the collective corporate file and the unit title file of the German Music Archive. The GND is based on its own ontology, is updated regularly and available for download from the German National Library licensed under the "Creative Commons Zero". The developement of the standard data, which consider interoperability of further ressources, demands for infrastructural assistance due to their format and size.

Standard data and authority files such as GND, and VIAF (Virtual International Authority File) play a central role for the integration of very heterogeneous data. For example, research data gathering in various contexts can be unified unambiguously and gaining insight, if they are enriched with standard data.

An interface is required, which allows targeted queries, in order to facilitate the use of standard data. In the case of the GND generated by the DNB, this is guaranteed by an SRU interface. SRU (Search / Retrieve via URL) is a standardized web service protocol. The results of the search are provided in a defined XML format. The SRU protocol enables the specific search by using search indexes and search terms and by transfer the corresponding hits into the own environment.


DARIAH-DE provides an eXist instance to query the GND, which polls the GND directly (in the beta stage) via SRU. The use of the service is documented in the public DARIAH-DE-Wiki (common standard file).

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