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Training and Teaching Materials

One focus of DARIAH is the development and dissemination of teaching and training material for individual disciplines and tools from the digital humanities. DARIAH-DE itself offers training material on digital humanities themes for free use. In addition, materials are collected and made available in cooperation with other DH projects and well-known best practice sources. Find out more here. All teaching material created in the DARIAH-DE context are available under Creative Commons License with Attribution (CC-BY 4.0).

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Videos on DH themes, events and tutorials for various tools and services are offered via our DHd channel (YouTube).

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Instructions for learning digital methods and tools for extensive text analysis and processing.

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DH Manual

The Digital Humanities manual provides a first introduction to the topic. It presents projects and tools in detail, formulates solutions for typical questions, helps
to refresh existing knowledge and learn about new aspects of digital humanities. The proximity to scientific practice is at the forefront.
The handbook was developed in 2015 as part of a three-day book sprint by DARIAH-DE at the Open Knowledge Foundation. As a "Living Book", it is supplemented in the following versions.

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The #dariahTeach project, funded under Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships, develops multilingual modular teaching materials for digital humanities, which can be used in university courses as well as in workshops and in informal individual learning situations.

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Das FOSTER Portal bietet eine Plattform für Open Science Lernmaterialien und E-Learning-Kurse. Forschende, wissenschaftliches Personal und Interessierte können hier mehr über die Anwendung von Open Science Prinzipien lernen. Gleichzeitig  können Open Science Multiplikatoren ihre eigenen Trainingsmaterialien hochladen, so dass die Sammlung der diversen Lernressourcen ständig wächst.

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OER Commons

Training material from research and teaching in the Digital Humanities is made accessible via the OER-Commons-Network (Open Educational Resources).

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Guide to research data man

The handouts from the WissGrid project include, among other things, information on the life cycle of research data and a checklist for research data management.

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