DARIAH-DE DH-Award 2015

DARIAH-DE DH-Award 2015

Within the framework of the DARIAH-DE DH-Awards, innovative contributions and research projects will be awarded to students and young scientists of the arts and cultural sciences, computer science and information sciences who work with digital resources and / or digital methods. The three DH awards are endowed with a total value of 1.800 euros.


Alexander Dittus

Institution: Staatlichen Akademie der Künste Stuttgart, Studiengang Objektrestaurierung
Projekt: Reflectance Transformation Imaging transparenter Materialien

The Master Thesis Reflectance Transformation Imaging of Transparent Materials at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart explains a simple procedure that allows scientists to visualize production traces and damage to transparent objects for the first time.

Timo Homburg

Institution: Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Institut für angewandte Computerlinguistik
Projekt: Verfahren zur Wortsegmentierung nicht -alphabetischer Schriften

The Master thesis Word segmentation of Akkadian ciphertext with the help of Chinese segmentation algorithms at the Department of Archeology at the University of Frankfurt offers basic research in the area of ??automatic segmentation of words in cuneiform.

Martin von Lupin, Marie-Claire Leidinger und Philipp Geuder

Institution: Fachhochschule Potsdam, Studiengang Interfacedesign
Projekt: Textanalyse-Tool "Emosaic"

Emosaic is an online tool that converts the emotions of a text into colors, then uses them for text exploration and text analysis. The generated colors are used within several interactive visualizations, whereby different emotions and aspects of the text can be quickly captured and explored. The tool is freely accessible and can be used by everyone with own texts of different length.

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