Use Case 2

Use Case 2  A Cosmopolitan Composer in Pre-Revolutionary Europe – Giuseppe Sarti

The Sarti-project started in march 2013 and the goal is, to edit two digital editions of Sarti's operas. First the opera buffa Fra i due litiganti il terzo gode (1782) and second the opera seria Giulio Sabino (1781). For the first time, the distinctive changes within the sources of the operas should be adequately considered and on this basis documented and edited. The result will be a digital edition, which will be developed with the Edirom tools and the Music Encoding format. Currently, the operas should be represented in the Music Notation Software Finale and afterwards converted via MusicXML to MEI. The final proof reading should be done with the MEISE tool. Workflows and results related to the MEISE will be documented here as well.

As soon as possible, more information about the project, news and developments relating MEISE will be described here.

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