Wikis provide a platform for exchanging information.



The DARIAH Wiki is a versatile service. On the one hand, it serves as an information platform for the DARIAH structure itself and the various projects. On the other hand, it is a collaborative work environment in which researchers can access data location-independent and at the same time in a secure research infrastructure. In the Wiki, researchers can collect and edit their (partial) results and make their documentation available to other people. It offers the possibility to integrate the wiki into working and learning processes.

You can create dedicated areas for projects. Authorized users have the opportunity to feed information into the wiki and to access the contents of the wiki. The Wiki system provided by DARIAH-DE offers the possibility to set up a password-protected internal and an access-free public area. Collaborative work on a common digital project is greatly facilitated by this differentiated management (rights and roll allocation) and allows collaboration in a protected environment.

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