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A little codicology for "Digital Humanists"

Tutorial in 7 parts

Hannah Busch, Isabelle Gauer, Celia Krause, Philipp Vanscheidt
(TU Darmstadt, Universit├Ąt Trier)

The aim of this tutorial is to familiarize the reader with the basics of the handwriting knowledge of the Middle Ages and to explain how research can be modified and enriched by handwriting as soon as digital methods are used. The path of a manuscript from the library into the digital medium is made comprehensible. The technical handling of digital data and descriptive metadata is also explained. The tutorial is based on practical experiences from the projects "Virtual Scriptorium St. Matthias" (2010-2014) and "eCodicology" (2013-2016). The former pursued the amalgamation, content preparation and presentation of a medieval handwriting stock; The latter deals with the question of how the handwriting digitizing data can be further processed in order to gain new data from the digital images and to gain new insights into the handwriting stock by analyzing this data.

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