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The use case "Narrative Techniques and Subgenres in the German Novel" ("Narrative Techniken und Untergattungen im deutschen Roman", 2013-2016) exemplarily demonstrates how a large collection of literary texts can be used to analyze the historical development of narrative techniques and the development of literary categories by using quantitative methods. The data were based on a corpus consisting of around 2000 German-language novels, mainly composed of works from the 18th and 19th century, which had to be subjected to the analysis of a whole series of linguistic preprocessing steps. For the automated linguistic annotation of digitized texts, a number of different NLP tools (NLP = Natural Language Processing) are now available. More complex methods of text analysis require that several of such tools be combined with each other, which is usually implemented in so-called programming frameworks. The DARIAH-DKPro-Wrapper (DDW) was developed in order to make technical possibilities of such a framework accessible to interested scientists at least partially, even without extended programming knowledge. The technical basis is the Darmstadt Knowledge Processing Software Repository (DKPro), an Apache UIMA-based framework that provides standardized access to a variety of NLP tools, thereby simplifying the development of your own systems. The DDW combines an entire processing pipeline in a single, configurable Java program that outputs all common NLP annotations in a universally accessible table format. For this purpose, a comprehensive documentation has been developed, largely in the form of general-purpose programming-"formula", which enable text researchers to access components of the powerful DKPro framework and to process them using popular scripting languages, such as Python and R. You will find the software and source code of the DARIAH-DKPro-Wrapper here and a tutorial with formulas for sample applications on this page

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