DARIAH-DE Working Papers

The DARIAH-DE Working Papers are the central point of publication for contributions of various kinds that are created in the context of DARIAH-DE or digital infrastructures for the humanities. Do you want to publish in the DARIAH-DE Working Papers? Please contact us dwp-redaktion@gwdg.de

The contributions are subject to a clearly defined process of quality assurance, which includes an editorial support through the outcrop – Mirjam Blümm, Thomas Kollatz, Stefan Schmunk and Christof Schöch. However, they are not subject to any formal "peer review" process. All contributions to the DARIAH-DE Working Papers are published in Open Access with an Creative-Commons-Lizenz (CC-BY). Secondary releases in the DARIAH-DE Working Papers are also possible.

Formatting notes for authors are available at Github. Please contact us before submitting a review.


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  • Friedrich Michael Dimpel. "Ein Delta-Rätsel: Nicht-normalisierte mittelhochdeutsche Texte, Z-Wert-Begrenzung und ein Normalisierungswörterbuch. Oder: Auf welche Wörter kommt es bei Delta an?" DARIAH-DE Working Papers. Göttingen: DARIAH-DE (Veröffentlichung Sommer 2017 geplant)


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