DARIAH-DE working papers

The DARIAH-DE Working Papers are the central point of publication for contributions of various kinds that are created in the context of digital research or digital infrastructures for the humanities. Do you want to publish in the DARIAH-DE Working Papers? Please contact us

The contributions are subject to a clearly defined process of quality assurance, which includes an editorial support through the editorial team – Mirjam Blümm, Thomas Kollatz, Stefan Schmunk and Christof Schöch. However, they are not subject to any formal "peer review" process. All contributions to the DARIAH-DE Working Papers are published in Open Access with a Creative-Commons-Lizenz (CC-BY). Secondary releases in the DARIAH-DE Working Papers are also possible.

Formatting notes for authors are available at Github. Please contact us before submitting a review.

DARIAH.DE Working Papers

DARIAH-DE Working Papers

Publication scheduled for summer 2019:

  • Frank Grieshaber. "GODOT - Graph of Dated Objects and Texts: Modellierung antiker nicht-gregorianischer Kalenderdaten mit Hilfe der Graphdatenbank Neo4j" DARIAH-DE Working Papers. Göttingen: DARIAH-DE
  • Andreas Kuczera. "Graphbasierte Digitale Editionen" DARIAH-DE Working Papers. Göttingen: DARIAH-DE

Project reports, in particular those dealing with methodological questions, technical recommendations, best practice examples or the like:

Contributions that have arisen in the context of DARIAH events or conference contributions on DARIAH and digital infrastructures:

Contributions to the subject of digital infrastructure or digital research in the humanities