TaDiRAH - Taxonomy of Digital Research Activities in the Humanities

TaDiRAH (Taxonomy of Digital Research Activities in the Humanities) is an application-oriented taxonomy for classifying and annotating DH resources. With the controlled vocabulary, sources can be indexed, tools can be tagged, bibliographic data can be indexed, study programmes and also methods and procedures can be described.



The Taxonomy of Digital Research Activities in the Humanities, or TaDiRAH (GitHub), is an application-oriented taxonomy which, with the involvement of the community, serves to classify resources from the context of digital humanities according to specific categories of the research process. It contributes to structuring these resources, making them referenceable and at the same time findable and visible. Furthermore, the taxonomy is also a modality for reflecting on what the digital humanities are. As an instrument to be applied in various disciplinary fields, the structure of the taxonomy was designed as generically as possible in a bottom-up process without limiting its functionality to the point of inadequacy.



TaDiRAH is the initiative of a transatlantic cooperation between DiRT and DARIAH-DE. The taxonomy was designed based on the use cases of these two partners: the tagging of tools within the DiRT Registry and the curatorial indexing of bibliographic data in DARIAH's Doing DH Bibliography. Furthermore, TaDiRAH is implemented e.g. for the registration of DH study programmes in the European DH-Course Registry of DARIAH-EU. For the DiMPO initiative, which is also Europe-wide, the taxonomy represents a building block that is integrated into the complex structure. Further application scenarios include its use for surveys (most recently, for example, the survey "Scientific Research Practice in the Humanities") or the classification of conference contributions.


In 2020, TaDiRAH was transformed as a controlled vocabulary into a formalized model that has an ontological basis. In CLARIAH-DE, this SKOS-based version is not only implemented within the framework of the Language Research Switchboard (LRS) but is also made available in a scalable and reusable form for Tapor and others. In this way, a path towards LOD is taken and made possible.



Click here for the TaDiRAH tool.


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