Semantic Topological Notes - SemToNotes

HKI University of Cologne

Responsible DARIAH-DE-Developer: Jochen Graf


Semantic Topological Notes (SemToNotes) is an annotation and retrieval tool for investigating spatial-topological relationships between semantically charged partial areas of an image, i.e. for investigating the spatial composition of an image. This is done by marking partial areas of an image with polygons using a graphical editor and simultaneously assigning content descriptions using a text editor. A textual description can be related to n-polygonal partial areas. Descriptions consist of elements anchored in an ontology. SemToNotes thus allows semantic queries based on a combination of textual information and coordinate data. In particular, SemToNotes wants to show that image content can not only be explained and analyzed by textual annotations, but also by graphical (non-textual) annotations. All operations can be performed on mobile devices

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