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The project management tool is based on "Chiliprojekt" and is a web-based open-source system that is used to support administrative and communication tasks. It includes versatile possibilities for increasing efficiency. For example, there is the possibility to measure the time spent on a task, but also keep track of the progress of tasks and inform all stakeholders directly about a status update.
In addition to supporting the administration and communication of a project, it also provides an easy way to access its own SCM (Source Code Managament) via HTTPS. In addition to SVN as SCM, Git is also available.


To the service

To use the service, you will need a DARIAH account. In addition, a group membership in the DARIAH group "Chili_contributor" is required. You can apply for membership of this DARIAH Group via e-mail to

Here in the DARIAH-Chili documentation you can get more information.

Here is the possibility to test the service on a demo version.

Click here for the tool.

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