DARIAH-DE supports the humanities and cultural sciences working with digital resources and methods in research and teaching. For this purpose the association is developing a digital research infrastructure for tools and research data and is developing materials for teaching and further education in the field of digital humanities (DH). DARIAH-DE has documented this vision in its Mission Statement.

The operational cooperation from March 2019 marks a new phase in the development of DARIAH-DE. 16 partner institutions have laid the foundation for the sustainable operation and the continuation of DARIAH-DE by concluding an operating cooperation agreement. Within this framework, we have intensified our exchange with other initiatives in digital research and teaching in the humanities and cultural sciences. In particular, an intensified cooperation with CLARIN-D helps to advance our vision of a cooperative large-scale space for digital research in the European humanities and cultural studies. To this purpose, In 2019 CLARIN-D and DARIAH-DE have merged into the joint infrastructure CLARIAH-DE, which will bundle the services of both initiatives.


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