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Collection Registry

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What is the Collection Registry?

The Collection Registry …

  • serves as a catalog of collections which occurred within the scope of research projects or serves as a basis for them;
  • links data whose data models and the description of a collection for technical reuse by services such as search or analysis tools;
  • serves to manage collection descriptions. These can include, additionally to digitally accessible, analog, protected or offline collections.

What is the purpose of the Collection Registry?

  • To describe distributed collections in one place and to process them together in other services (e.g., Generic search, Cosmotool);
  • to make collections visible in the Collection Registry which are otherwise difficult to find;
  • to document own collections and make them demonstrable for other scientists;
  • to be able to manage relevant collections in the sense of an internal catalog.

Who is the target group for the Collection Registry?

  • Individual scientists
  • Research projects
  • Research associations
  • Institutions

How to use the Collection Registry?

  • A DARIAH account is required to use the Collection Registry.
  • DARIAH-DE provides the Collection Registry as a central service. Local usage scenarios can also be implemented in cooperation with organizations.

To the service

Click here to go to the Collection Registry.

A detailed user guide offers further informations as well as best practice recommendations.

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