Data Modeling Environment

Registry to produce translations between different metadata schemas.



Do you need to exchange data between different standards? Have you copied or found meta data that is no longer connectable or do you work with self-designed databases or tables that have met their purpose well before all standardization efforts, but are now no longer compatible with their structures? Schema Registery offers you conceptual help in restructuring (mapping) such data:

The Data Modeling Environment describes semi-structured data models as well as correlations between them in order to be able to use explicit expert knowledge about collections and the data managed in them in user-oriented services. For example, the specifications of structures in the XML schema can be extended and concretized with respect to a collection, which preserves the semantics of the original data, but still allows a refinement to be achieved by implicit background knowledge. Manually modeled processing rules lead to an extended version of a data set which is available for mapping with more complex structures. The fact that the unchanged data set can still be used also ensures the interoperability of the data against generic standards and schemas.

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