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ConedaKOR - a network as a media administration


ConedaKOR, a web-based database system with a graph-based architecture, is available as a service offering within DARIAH-DE.



The purpose of ConedaKOR is the administration and presentation of academic object collections from image-based cultural and human sciences.

With the help of a graph ConedaKOR organizes and visualizes complex information relationships, representing the context as well as the relationships between entities (images, videos, PDFs, persons, places, etc.). The network structure opens up alternative and explorative research possibilities. Standardized interfaces simplify the integration into existing systems. A fine-granular authorization and authentication system allows parallel work of several workgroups.

The basic idea behind this "Software as a Service"-offering (SaaS) is based on the suitability of ConedaKOR as an "in-a-box"-solution for scientific collections and archives. In addition, this tool is not only addressed to research facilities, but also university departments and professorships can use this tool to manage objects with visual media in order to make them accessible to scientists and students.

Renowned institutions of national and international science have already placed their trust in ConedaKOR and have therefore been focusing on the professional management of data and media for years. The Art and History Institut of the Goethe-University Frankfurt, for example, operates a ConedaKOR-installation with around 270,000 entities (approx. 130,000 illustrations), which enables around 1,300 users to carry out comprehensive research for teaching and research since 2009.

To simplify the transfer between datas to or from other systems, the system has at one´s disposal two interfaces. On the one hand, the OAI-PMH-endpoints provide archivable formats and are especially suitable for the transfer of large quantities. On the other hand, the JSON API allows the direct use of the data in other applications.

The system has been developed since 2008 by the Coneda UG in Frankfurt and the German Forum for Art and History in Paris. The software is free in the sense of the AGPLv3. The implementation of ConedaKOR as a DARIAH-DE service has been realized by the IT service provider and DARIAH-DE partner DAASI International in Tübingen.

The source code, a feature list and documentation are available under GitHub .


To the tool 

There is the possibility to test the demo instance with the username 'admin' and password 'admin' at

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