Individualdienst Helpdesk


The DARIAH-DE Helpdesk, based on the open source software OTRS, offers a fast response to enquiries of all kinds from the DARIAH-Users. For example the software is used to process all inquiries of our support.

The DARIAH-Helpdesk support team is familiar with the humanities and cultural science reserach processes. This supports a fast and professional expiration within the projects.

In addition, there is the option to use the software supplied by the helpdesk for the own projects, if they are connected to the DARIAH infrastructure. So the enquiries may be work through structured and with the help of standardised and proven processes.

For further questions that have to do with Open Science, Tools and services, Education and Training, Working groups, Technical issues, How to join DARIAH and any other general queries, you can also address the DARIAH-EU helpdesk.

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